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Golden Retriever Club Singapore 


Who We Are 

The Golden Retriever Club of Singapore (GRCS) is a not-for-profit social enterprise incorporated in January 2013. We are dedicated to the promotion and well-being of Golden Retrievers, and in a wider scope, include caring about the well-being of all canine companions in Singapore.


A Platform for All Things Golden 

As dog ownership is rising in this country and the region, we have seen the Golden Retriever gain in popularity as the breed of choice among dog lovers. Our aim is to provide a platform for members, Golden Retriever lovers, and the community in general to share their experiences with this wonderful, gentle breed, and exchange knowledge and advice on everything “Golden” . visit here...


Public Education

More importantly, we aim to promote education on Golden Retrievers, from breed standards to health, exercise, grooming, training, responsible ownership and many other aspects of owning a Golden Retriever. This is especially important as Singapore, being a small multicultural country with predominantly high density living, has restrictive rules and laws governing pet ownership, directly impacting larger breeds such as the Golden Retriever.



GRCS has partnered with some quality suppliers and service providers to bring to members attractive deals. Through our online shop, we hope to bring to members not only substantial savings on canine related products and services, we will also be able to raise much needed funds to roll out education initiatives and activities for both members and the community.

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We aim to create and foster an environment that promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of The Golden Retriever Breed by supporting and growing a community of Golden Retriever lovers.
Our goal is to develop, support and sustain education and community outreach programs that uphold the safety and welfare of Golden Retrievers, and by extension the welfare of all canine members in our community.

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Join our growing community of Golden Retriever lovers by filling in the membership application form, and enjoy the fraternity and benefits that membership in GRCS brings. join now...