By Lionel Lin


Thanks to all of you friends at Golden Retriever Club for your words of encouragement, well wishes and blessings. I have brought Cookie home safely where she will be safe and cosy once more.

No words can describe our amicable bond which transcends beyond our human understanding which ultimately summarises our love and pain for them; because they love us with the virtues of a human, without the vices of men.

So to my dearest friend, buddy and teacher, I thank you for coming to our life when we brought you home at 4 years old.

Despite being fostered around couple of times, where most would have withered, you leap into our arms, eyes saying “Come on, let’s go play! I’ll be your best friend if you let me!” You have taught us to love unconditionally, to appreciate life’s sweetest moments with zest and to endure unbearable pains.

We love you Cookie. You are the integral part of our human pack and though you are no longer here physically, we feel your presence, your spirit and mischievous ways every other day as though you still run amongst us at home. For you, all good things never come to an end so wait a little while more, my dearest, we’ll join you on the other side and the pack will be complete once more.