By Uma Kr

GOOFY 14.02.2001-13.08.2013

For the last 12 years and 7 months, I’ve woken up every morning with dog fur in my eyes. Today morning that fur was replaced by tears.

My beloved Goofy passed on last night at 8.55 pm. He went peacefully, naturally and at home with me and Edouard by his side kissing him and telling him we loved him and what a good boy he has been. He fought cancer for a year exactly this month and though his spirit was still strong, his body was tired. I believe he held on till he really couldn’t any more. Goofy was my heart, my best buddy, my constant companion, my happy place, the first face I saw every morning and the last face I saw every night. I don’t have any words right now. I do know that I will love him forever and miss him more than words can express.

Please eat something you enjoy today and dedicate it to my big baby, lover of walks, chaser of cats, foodie, intelligent beyond comprehension, bed-hogging, eternally waggy, teacher, soulmate and bundle of joy. I know that will make him very happy.

Goodbye for now my son.